Why Us?

Why Use Write The Vision Correspondence Service? Because You Want Results!

  • Pricing is very affordable.

  • Some companies or schools require a written request.

  • You get 1-on-1 attention from an experienced writer.

  • You get a handcrafted letter with a personal touch.

  • You get delivery within 2 business days.

  • We provide you with your final letter and a self-addressed envelope.

  • You receive 20% off of follow-up letter(s).

  • We guarantee you'll be satisfied with your professional and personal letter.

The below are just some of the types of letters/work we’ve done

"Request to have child put back on Soccer Team"
"Request payment back -due to no delivery of service"
"Request to waive cancellation fee"
To: Contracting Company
"Proposal offer for property"
"Request reinstatement of reduced taxes

Discounts Are Available:
Senior Citizens

Consultations are free.

How do I get started?

We've made it easy and simple.

Step 1: Email: [email protected] or call us (843) 557-9098

Step 2: We will consult with you in person, via email or over the phone... you choose.

Step 3: We will begin to handcraft a professional or personal letter, bio, resume, or other documents for you.

Step 4: You will receive a draft copy of your document within 2-3 business days or less. (We can email it to you and we will also send you the final hard copy letter and envelope.)

Step 5: Done

The below are scenarios as to why clients have chosen Write The Vision.

Scenario 1

"Now why did they send me this bill? I just know that I don't owe this........what the what? I know, I'll give them a call and tell them a thing or two..........I know, I'll call them to find out if this was sent in error.........

Wait Lisa, my neighbor called this new business called "Write The Vision", she was at her wits-end when she needed to request to have her son put back on his Junior High School varsity soccer team. All I know is that one of their writers crafted a letter in less than 24 hrs and emailed it to her and her son was put back on the team....this was a win, win, win success.

Scenario 2

"I can't believe I have to pay a cancellation fee for a medical appointment that I cancelled with good reason............I'll just ignore it.

"Hey man, if you ignore that, it's a good possibility that it will show up on your credit report....aren't you trying to buy a house? You need to take care of business......Write The Vision Correspondence Service can help you by writing a letter for you. They are skilled, quick and affordable.

Scenario 3

Vanessa: “honey, you know our trash is still sitting at the curb?, this is the 3rd week in a row that the disposal company has not picked up our trash………I’m really upset, we’re not paying them for nothing, that’s it, I’m calling…………

Louie: “yeah, if you call, they won’t do anything anyway…they’ll pick it up when they get ready.

Friend Visiting: Hey guys, you guys look frustrated, what’s up?

Louie: “CDF disposal is not doing their job….

Friend Visiting: “There’s a lady in my van pool who is always talking about the best way to get a company’s attention is to write a letter. I think maybe she can help you if you go that route, want her number?

Scenario 4 - Veterans C&P claims assistance

Tony: “Hey everybody, I just received $3,000 in my bank account today from the Veterans Affairs office!! Looks like they granted me a high rating percentage for my military related trauma and medical conditions.” I’ve been patient with the process, I tell you, it was worth the wait!!!!”

Dana: “Wait what? You mean to tell me that the VA paid you for medical conditions while on active duty that you experienced and still experiencing? Didn’t you get hurt over 10 years ago?”

Tony: “yes I did. What matters to getting an approved compensation claim are the following: 1) In service event 2) current diagnosis 3) NEXUS -medical opinion from your Doctor. I went to Write The Vision Correspondence Service and they have a new service helping veterans (WWII, Vietnam, Gulf war, etc….). They also help veterans who are low income qualify for a pension along with widows/widowers or children of veterans receive survivors pension….by the way they are exceptional and I’ve used their writing service too. Their writers are definitely skilled at capturing what you want to say.


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"We are a writing service only and not a legal entity. We do not guarantee results, although positive results have been received in the past."